You will need: 

Champagne flute 
A lemon
Vegetable peeler
Chilled can of Spritz Camomilla

To make:

  1. With a vegetable peeler, carefully cut a nice lemon zest. Looking for something about 10cm in length. The wider the better. 
  2. Take a Champagne flute from the freezer (frosty glasses never fail to impress).
  3. Fold the lemon zest in ½ , with the ugly pith hidden inside.
  4. Open a can of Spritz Camomilla and ½ pour into glass.
  5. Give the rim of that glass a nice wipe of those wonderful citrus oils and place folded zest inside the glass. Ideally the zest is long enough that it sits up breaking the surface of your drink
  6. Savour your handwork and smugly sip yourself away to the Golden Age of the  1920’s. 
  7. Top up that glass. Rinse and repeat as necessary.